De Buren is

Toby Bryans, who has worked on front and back office financial technology in the City of London for over ten years. He is skilled at the development and leadership of teams as well as system implementation and maintenance. As a Technical Liaison Officer he has built up contacts in many of the futures and equity trading venues and assisted the FOA set up their Technology Working Group. Deeply committed to the preservation and enhancement of human rights in the information age, he is a stalwart critic of attempts to circumvent them and is a member of the Open Rights Group.

Ben Weiner, an independent design consultant specialising in interactive web projects. He has ten years of experience working with clients, designers, programmers and, most importantly, the users for whom the projects are intended. He too is a member of the Open Rights Group.

Why we’re here

De Buren allows Ben and Toby to bring together their expertise in constructing and maintaining web projects, plus their shared enthusiasm for computing. It provides a suite of services at a modest cost and with a personal service.

We can currently offer hosting for

and will consider other services on request. Our hosted services run on free or open software which means there are no licensing restrictions.

We always offer advice on installing and configuring software and hardware, plus tutorials in how to use software, hardware and the capabilities of the web more effectively.

Registered office De Buren Limited Liability Partnership
12 Barton Close, London E9 6EZ, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7741 0250. All calls are recorded.